Professional Resume Templates to Help You Get Your Dream Job!

Employers and recruiters receive tons of job applications daily. Their email inboxes are packed with all kinds of unprofessional, sloppily formatted resumes. Messy formatting, different font sizes, poor alignment, hard to read layout—you name it. Any of these issues on your resume can immediately raise a red flag for a potential employer and send your job application straight to the recycle bin.

There are dozens of different mistakes job applicants make unconsciously when they decide to create their resume. The best way to avoid failing to get the job you want due to a poorly designed CV is to rely on the expertise of someone who professionally creates effective resume templates.

How can our templates help you get your dream job?

  • Stand out from the others in the pile

    Get potential employers’ full attention with our creative and modern resume designs.

  • Increase the odds of getting hired

    Our downloadable Word templates will boost your authority and the chances of getting a job.

  • Format your CV content easily

    We have spent hundreds of hours creating samples, polishing format and visuals so you don’t have to.

  • Save hours and hours of your precious time

    Spend literally just minutes filling in one of our resume templates instead of hours creating one from scratch.

  • Focus on getting the job you want

    Focus on what matters instead of fighting against quirky Word behaviour, annoying layout and formatting issues.

Read how our customers got their jobs using one of our cool resume templates!

“These are very professional and the easiest to use and I’ve used them all – from free resume downloads to custom premium templates that cost me hundreds – none of them gave me the power to make a new resume so easily and without glitches. The process of setting up a new resume with Almagreta’s pack is very simple, fast and requires no technical skills whatsoever.”

William MezaVice President

“Templates from Almagreta gave me the opportunity to effectively align my resume design with corporate style of different employers and make my job application more appealing. Believe me that first impressions count! The unique design engages the hiring manager to read more about me, my skills and work experience and thus increases my chances of getting a job.”

Stephanie HedlundSoftware Engineer

“After applying for hundreds of jobs with no response, I realized that I need a new template to help my resume stand out from a pile of others. These are professional, unique and catch an employer’s eye within seconds – my phone started ringing with calls for interviews. It’s amazing what this small investment can do for your career!”

James BrodyCollege Student

“What I like most about these templates – they are so simple I don’t have to worry about formatting at all, just copy/paste my content. There’s zero frustration with the layout or formatting getting ruined every time I go and change something for a new job application. Everything is effortless and hassle-free.  I saved so many hours by not having to mess around in Word every time I customize my resume.”

Laura CreswellTeacher

Five different Word resume templates, each one tailored to fit a different job:

Minimalist Silver

A minimalistic design that might be a good fit for someone in education, healthcare or hospitality. This elegant black and white template will help you highlight your skills and achievements and is the perfect choice if you are aiming for a position at the top of a company.

Minimalist Silver Resume Template

Professional Blue

A modern design with clickable stars to show off your skill level. This is a great fit for banking, construction, legal assistant and law enforcement. If you want to get a position at a software company or startup, this clean format will help you show off your skills.

Professional Blue Resume Template

Fresh Green

The most elegant of them all. This template will help to make the perfect resume for college students, quality assurance, sales rep, or receptionist. The design we crafted for this template gives a fresh touch to your skills and experience and brings out your versatility.

Fresh Green Resume Template

Striking Orange

The most visually striking and easy-to-follow design. This is a good fit for dental assistant, veterinarian, nanny, registered nurse, or kindergarten teacher. Add your creative writing to this cool resume template and let your potential employer know that you value the delivery as much as the product.

Striking Orange Resume Template

Stylish Black

A sparkling creative template ideal for bartenders, copywriters, art directors, graphic designers, and photographers. Using this stylish template is a great way to express yourself and underline your artistic skills and experience. Let your employer know that you think outside the box with this design.

Stylish Black Resume Template

Some cool and unique features of our resume templates for Word:

Save time

Replace the sample text in the template with your own CV content in seconds.

Add entries

Add additional experience and education entries by clicking on the plus sign.

Show off skills

Show off your skill level by clicking on the number of stars you want to display.

Auto header

Automatically add your name and contact info to the second page and any subsequent pages.

Add pages

Go with just one page, or add as many additional pages as you want.

Go visual

Take advantage of icons and colors to boost your resume’s attractiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are these resume templates different?
No matter what anybody says, your first priority when applying for a job is to get your resume noticed and read. These resume templates are designed by professional graphic designers and implement all the best practices both for look and functionality. They are designed to stand out and make the content of your resume easy to scan and understand.

What are the unique features?
We implemented all the best practices for saving you time when customizing and filling in your resumes. These templates take advantage of all the cutting edge features of the latest Word versions to make your life easier.

Why are resume templates sold in one pack?
While we have suggestions and ideas for the use of each resume template, you never know what will work for you until you try. By buying a few resume templates at once you can try them out – pick and choose the one that gets you better results – more responses and more requests for an interview.

Why have you created these templates?
We really wanted to give the job applicants a wow factor in their job search – something that not only looks great but works great as well. And we mean the templates that generate call backs, interviews and job offers in the end.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 5 Word Resume Templates
  • File Format: .docx
  • Compatible with: Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013 as well as Microsoft Office for Mac.
  • A Get Started guide to help you out.
60 day money-back guarantee

Your purchase is completely risk free. You’re protected with our 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy in any way, please let us know; we’ll refund every penny you paid – no questions asked.

We’re confident that our templates will save you time with the design and formatting of your CV, make it stand out among hundreds of others, help you focus on your job search and greatly increase your chances of getting an interview and a job.

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