About Almagreta

Almagreta started as a graphic designer who was working on corporate identity, print layouts, advertising, and web design in 2007. Later, she became interested in creating all kind of themes and templates in order to make office- and work-related documents look nicer and convey information more effectively. Almagreta has a great eye for detail and a passion for making everything she touches more efficient and beautiful.

The mission

Almagreta wants to make your life easier by providing powerful and easy-to-use templates for all kind of tasks and presentations, job applications, newsletters, and reports. She’s focused on bringing the beauty of custom-designed pieces to Word and PowerPoint users. Almagreta strives to make sure every little detail—including icons, colors, layout, and typography—is polished and perfectly in place.

The team

Almagreta is supported by the team of designers, developers, and customer support representatives driven by perfection, and they love to create products people will use every day. They think that using templates should not be frustrating, complicated, or expensive. The team is focused on making very powerful, yet easy-to-use and affordable templates that are of great help even to those who have never used templates or created professional documents before.