PowerPoint Templates to Amplify Your Ideas and Get Your Message Across!

We all know why the PowerPoint presentations suck – poor font and color choices so the text is unreadable, boring sloppy all text slides without any graphic, too many inconsistent animations and transition –  all of this making it hard for the audience to get your message.

Even if you take advantage of the pre-existing free templates and spend hours of your time polishing it, you might get too busy glitzy over designed slides which detract from your message.


While the presentation design should do no harm at the very least, usually PowerPoint slides disrupt and dominate the content and make presentations too often look too sloppy, cluttered and disorganized.

cluttered powerpoint presentation

What if Instead of cluttering your presentation with fancy design templates, you could use a clean and professional look? What if you prefer to get a highest quality custom presentation design but hiring a professional presentation designer is so pricey and your project is so time sensitive that is not an option?

Just say no to poorly designed slides or distracting eye candy.

Amplify not weaken your ideas with professionally designed PowerPoint templates.

Are you struggling to find the time to come up with nice looking presentation templates? Would you like to focus your attention on the content of your presentation instead of fighting PowerPoint formatting and design tools? Would you like to save hours of your time and instead take a rest before busy presentation day?

Almagreta templates will help you to save your time, impress your audience and get your message across.


Have you ever needed to put together an impressive presentation but didn’t have time for that? Wouldn’t it be easier if you didn’t have to worry about design and just focus on the content of your slides?

powerpoint templates

Take advantage of the simple design together with the use of fonts, contrast, and color in order to create slides that will eliminate clutter and minimize distractions from your key message. You don’t want the slides to overpower your message do you?

Almagreta PowerPoint Templates save your time and helps you to highlight your presentation content in the favourable way before your audience. With our templates you can quickly create impressive and inspiring presentation.

Almagreta templates will help you to get done your slides in no time and focus on your message.

Everyone has a situation now and then when a presentation needs to get done fast, whether it’s for a conference, investor pitch, internal review or board meeting. Delivering your message is the key of a presentation. Your presentation slides are worthless if they don’t help to convey your story no matter how beautiful they look. So why would you spend most of your time creating slides instead of focusing on telling a great story and crafting your message?

  • Professional Design

    A simple, sleek design that helps your presentation content to stand out.

  • Easy to fill in

    Creating a new slide is as easy as copying and pasting your content.

  • Easy to customize

    Personalize your presentations to meet your specific needs with your logo and graphics.

  • Save time

    You can quickly design better presentations and focus on communicating your ideas.

  • Best practices

    Templates based on best practices in presentation design to give your best results every time.

What our beta testers say about our PowerPoint Templates:

“Almagreta Templates are functional, easy to use and are prettier than any other templates I came across so far. They saved me many hours and gave me the ways to work on my presentation that I’d never tried before.”

Anthony RankinStartup Co-Founder

“These templates made my presentation look incredible and as though as I hired a professional designer to design the slides for me. At the same time their design don’t stand in the way of my content but on the opposite helps to understand it.”

Marlys CroftAngel Investor

“As someone who does a new presentation every week I’m glad I can take advantage of Almagreta Templates because they make it very easy to create and fill in with content three dozen of slides just the day before. “

Jorge BiggerstaffVP, Sales

“It’s an ideal solution for someone as busy as me who needs to give the presentations often and don’t have time to create visually appealing slides. These templates helped me to create my presentations easier and make them more memorable at the same time”.

Carla BrownVP, Marketing

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