Resume Myths vs Facts infographic

Whether it’s your first job hunt or your tenth, you probably march on with a clutch of definite and vague ideas of what résumés are and what they contain. Often, these are half-baked and undercooked content still so widely used by unenlightened job seekers. Educational background. GPA. Soft skills echoed from job descriptions.

Telling a recruiter you have leadership skills is pretty much like a customs declaration. The recruiter is the customs official and will want to check. But how can abstract attributes be checked?

Through a résumé giving solid evidence! In this infographic, career coaches do away with the myths of ‘proper’ résumés and all the padding and formats (Black on white paper? PDF? Pffft!) that will mark you as an amateur instead of the skilled and professional go-getter you are. A colored and crisp template gives you a brand with flare and personality. Outlining your job positions and duties is passé. Instead, streamline your achievements and qualities to match those required in your job target. This communicates your leadership so much better than just saying it!

At Almagreta, our résumé templates showcase your abilities, expertise and experience to the recruiters through solid design and content.

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Resume Myths vs Facts Infographic

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